Skin Care Testimonials

"I was scheduled to speak in front of large group and talk about holistic health and looked in the mirror and saw a cold sore before I went to bed. I knew that there was no way for me to cover it up even with make up. I remembered the new product I had purchased at an expo that had claimed to be able to work on any skin condition so I thought I would see what it really could do. Of course I had my doubts but had nothing to loose. When I woke up in the morning it was gone!!!! Thank you ResQ Organic Skin Treatment. I’m a true believer. I will tell everyone I know about your amazing product!" ~ Sheryl B.

"I cannot believe how much I love this product. My hands look 10 years younger and most of my age spots have completely disappeared. Those that are left are so light I can hardly see them. Friends at work keep telling me how great my hands look; and they are soft ... like a baby's butt. I'm in love with ResQ Organics. Can't wait to have my sister use it." ~ Arleen F.

"I started using Retin-a 0.1% on my face to help with the facial lines that were particularly pronounced around my eyes and mouth. After using Retin-a for less than a week, my face was a mess. Large red blotches all over it. They were painful and itched.....not to mention, they looked terrible. I talked to a friend of mine that has been using Retin-a for years. Her husband is also a dermatologist. She told me to expect the redness, pain and itchiness for at least 2 months until my sensitive skin had become adjusted to the Retin-a. I knew that ResQ had produced excellent results in relieving all types of skin conditions so I decided to give it a try. After just 2 days of applying ResQ to my face, twice a day, the blotchy-ness, redness and pain were completely gone. Completely!! My face felt, soft, firm and smooth. I am continuing to use the Retin-a along with the ResQ daily. I can already see a great improvement in my skin in just two weeks. If it had not been for the Resq I'm certain I would have discontinued the Retin-a. I would not have been able to live with the discomfort." ~ Beverly M.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your product! I purchased some at the Darien Pet Show and I have used it on my own skin issues as well as our Golden Retriever, Dylan. It is AWESOME! We both healed very quickly and I could totally feel the analgesic quality in the cream. I will certainly recommend to all my friends - pet owners and not . Thanks for a great product!" ~ Julie R.

"I have suffered from eczema on my right foot (yes, only my right foot) for years. It was probably one of the worst cases that a lot of people have seen. The itching would keep up at night and I would have to sleep with ice packs wrapped around my foot to help sooth the itching as well as help the swelling that would occur from the scratching. I had tried absolutely EVERYTHING over the counter and prescription strength creams. Absolutely NOTHING worked! Until... I was given a sample of the "magic potion" - Res Q Organics! Within one day (3 applications) the itching had subsided and 3 months later I have absolutely NO eczema AT ALL! Now I use it everyday as a regular moisturizer/lotion - even on my face. Res Q Organics has really changed my life and I swear by it!!!!" ~ Lindsey B.

"My hands are soft, my legs are silky, and the scratches I get from the cats jumping on and off heal immediately. This is better than Neosporin. Non-greasy, clears the infections, stops the pain and leaves my skin feeling amazing. ResQ Organics is the only product I use on my hands, feet, legs, arms and face. I look younger and feel great!" ~ Jody C.

"First time I can stretch my nose and mouth since flu season began. ResQ Organics is amazing. It makes my skin pliable once again. Love it!" ~ Anne G.

"Love, love, love this cream!! Fantastic on so many things. Used it on my granddaughter’s spider bite and it was healed in two days. My new moisturizer!!" ~ Cari M.

"The Res Q cream is fantastic! My mom loves it! She got a bug bite in the evening and used the cream. When she woke up in morning you couldn't even see where bug bite was!! Also a client I dog sit for told me that her dog had a skin issue on her belly. I gave her a little sample of the cream and told her to apply it a few times a day. She has already seen a huge improvement just from last night! 🙂" ~ Erica S.

"This is amazing Cream!!!!!!! Many of my clients have foot fungus love the cream. It promotes fast healing. I got bit by red ants an it took the inflammation an pain away in seconds. Great for bruising. Arnicare use to be my go to now Res Q is. IT’S THE BOMB" ~ Sis A.

"I started using ResQ Organics cream a few years ago. I use it faithfully before bed and in the morning. I am 67 and have a smooth not excessively wrinkled complexion. I like knowing I am putting something healthy on my skin." ~ Ann

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