CBD Testimonials

“I have tried a number of CBD oils and have found that RESQRGANICS is the only one that has given me complete relief of terrible neuropathy foot pain that I have suffered with for years from chemotherapy. I can honestly say you get what you pay for. My wife picked this up for me and I thought well I will try a few different brands, maybe I can find something cheaper. Well, I did find cheaper but nothing that worked like RESQRGANICS. Give it a try. I hope you have the same great experience with it that I have.” ~ Jerome A Lien

“Thank you so much for being in Novi earlier this year. Having you talk to my daughter about CBD oil. It has helped her immensely with her essential tremors. She has gone from having over 30 tremors a day to either none of just a couple. Thank you thank you thank you.” ~ Sue

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